The ineptitude, among other faults, of the Obama Department of Justice went on full display today.

We’ve all heard the story by now. The Guantanamo detainee tried in federal criminal court was ACQUITTED on all counts but one, conspiracy to destroy government buildings and property. No conviction of murder or attempted murder, yet in two attacks (that we know of) in which he participated over 200 were outright killed and thousands maimed.

Imagine being on that jury, probably having at least some dim idea that this guy was supposed to go down. And wanting to put him down! Yet, by the rules of jurisprudence you must say, “not guilty.” There may be exceptions, but I bet most of them feel pretty shitty about it. How easy is it to live with that?

What is behind this massive failure? Surely the justice department picked a case in which they were confident of victory. No doubt many high level meetings were involved and great assurances made of success. All to prove a political point. That George Bush was wrong. That America was wrong. We’re not at war, these are just criminals.

There are three words, which like massive cobblestones, paved the road to this particular failure; arrogance, incompetence and delusion.

Obama just “knows best.” The prior administration was evil, corrupt and inhumane. Yet, in nearly every case, from the so-called “domestic wiretapping,” to the indefinite detention of TERRORISTS at Guantanamo, the policies of George Bush have proved to be wise and effective. Obama is arrogant.

It seems to me that this case had to be Holder’s best case. Why would he lead with anything less? He almost lost completely. Yeah, the guy goes away for at least 20 years, but he’ll probably spend a good bit of that time radicalizing short-termers who will be freed to wreak more havoc on our society. Further, I’m sure that those close to the men and women he murdered feel short-changed even betrayed. Run of the mill incompetence with catastrophic consequence. They just don’t know what they’re doing.

Finally, like many of us who “cling to our guns,” the administration clings to a belief that we are not really at war. That the framework of criminal justice is sufficient to deal with terrorist threat. Unfortunately I’m afraid it will take the severe loss of life, which only luck has kept us from thus far, before they come out of their delusion.

You can watch a video from CBS news here.

Looks like a kid, don't he.


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