Time and again, the ruling class deems it necessary to” save us” by engaging in economic policies which are PROVEN failures.  Sadly, these elitists have a cheering section amongst the populace which further empowers these idiots.

Does 2 + 2  EVER equal anything other than 4?   NO.

Here are two videos which succinctly and engagingly demonstrate the failure in theory and practice of  Keynesian style economics.

Please watch and share!

Here’s another gem.

A man without reason.

I remember not too long ago having to endure a European visitor to our country expound to me why it was soooo necessary for our government to load up crushing debt and spend it on our behalf.  I wish I had seen and was very familiar with the principles and events put forth in these videos.  He would have learned (maybe) to keep his feckless, cradle to grave euro-nanny-state nonsense to himself.

About Keynes:

Keynes spent his ENTIRE life in government service and academia.  He never ran a business other than some private tutoring.  Despite this lack of any USEFUL experience he is revered as an economic genius, probably because he writes well.  If Einstein were the same caliber of genius as Keynes, “Fat Man” would have been little more than a big firecracker.   If you don’t know, “Fat Man” was the code name for the atom bomb we dropped on Hiroshima.



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