This man demonstrates no humility. He admits what he did was wrong but, “He feels good.” He knows in his heart that he’ll be judged by his overall contribution and life. He claims to have not enriched (as though not paying lawful taxes enriches someone else) himself by his corrupt acts. Is that the only definition of corruption?

Look we all have the right to retain our dignity. However,a man of true humility and character would simply take his lumps, apologize for his misdeeds and THANK the COUNTRY for his opportunity to serve. How can the chairman of the WAYS AND MEANS committee, which sets tax policy for the rest of us, express anything OTHER than SHAME at failing to pay 17 YEARS of taxes HE IMPOSED on the rest of us.

And then these guys applaud him. Rangel seems to forget a non member of the “esteemed” body would have faced fines and possibly jail time for like violations.

Look, I don’t think Ol’ Charlie is the devil incarnate. I don’t even think he’s a truly awful human being. I do believe that at some point he began to see himself as something ABOVE a servant of the people. Therein lay the seed of his corruption and consequent fall. If I ever cheat on my taxes and caught, I hope to be censured by congress. I dont’ even care if they applaud.



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