With singularity of purpose and steel will, he steered Great Britain through the darkest days of WWII.

I truly dread the 2012 presidential election.  I don’t see one individual in the potential field of Republican candidates that has anything of the statesman-like qualities of  England‘s “Lion.”

Where is our time’s Winston Churchill?

We face economic calamity of no less proportion than the disaster that was World War II.   Yet there is truly no POLITICAL voice sounding a clear, unmistakable alarm.   The closest is maybe Ron Paul, who has consistently warned us of the dangers of  the Fed, it’s loose money policy and our seemingly incoherent foreign policies.  Unfortunately, few take Ron Paul seriously.

Mostly, I see small men.  Men willing to go along to get along.  And, though I like Mrs. Palin and I don’t think she’s stupid or  “unqualified,”  next to Winnie, she’s well, just a girl.  No offense intended, Mrs. P.  That goes for a lot of the men too.

Winston knew politics, military strategy,  finance, you name it.   More importantly, he knew how to inspire his fellow citizens to dig deep WITHIN THEMSELVES  to pull the country together so as to withstand the looming darkness.  He had his faults, but he was awesome.  He was a great orator, but was not all rhetoric.

I fear that we will see, for decades to come, a political arena mired by small men  jockeying for control of the dwindling vestiges of America’s power.  Many, on the left of course, believe that the diminution of America’s preeminence is good and desirable.  Well, that’s just being fooled by the duality of all things.  There is no thing completely good or bad. Yet,   there is no denying that there has never been in the history of human kind a country that has been a greater force for the overall improvement of the human condition than the United States of America.

Winston believed in his beloved Brittania.    He believed that England, with all its warts, was in the main a force for good in the world.  He saw that greatness in America before we did.

For the first time in OUR HISTORY, we have a president that is more ashamed than proud of the country whose constitution he is sworn to defend.   He (Churchill)  might suggest that Barry go play with Neville, while the adults take care of business.  Unfortunately, I think he’d be the only adult in the room.

Our best days don’t have to be behind us.  But our current crop of leaders, especially those vying for the top most spot, haven’t convinced me that they agree.


  1. Chuck says:

    Take heart my friend – our Winston probably isn’t in our current crop of politicians but just remember how the American people responded in our last election. Once you’ve experienced freedom you don’t give it up easily.

    “We surround them”.

    • mindofmoran says:

      Chuck, I fear that our citizens, having never really experienced how absolutely shitty life can get, nor known what it’s like to live without freedom, are way too willing to trade freedom for an illusion of security than can NEVER exist.

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