I argue that heated, passionate, even VITRIOLIC political discourse is not only a LONGSTANDING American tradition, that in fact it is a large part of WHY American politics is largely NON-VIOLENT.

Forget civility in politics. Our politics IS civil.  Keep in mind, before the great American experiment, the power of rule and governance was transferred largely by heredity OR VIOLENCE. Ugly words are much better than blood soaked streets.

Every 4 to 8 years the most powerful person in the world, steps aside and transfers that power WILLINGLY to a successor not of his choosing. This act of political submission to the will of THE governed is unprecedented in human history.

Look how small Chavez is clinging to his little slice. And remember the Honduran president deposed by his country’s congress and supreme court because he sought to extend his presidency beyond their constitutional limit. These are small powers, yet those men will not easily step aside. Make no mistake, the NON VIOLENT, but NOISY, VULGAR, MUDSLINGING election of American Presidents is a true miracle of human civilization. Be grateful to be a part of it. Don’t be afraid to get a little mud on ya.


  1. Rita Aberg says:

    Exactly! Thanks for pointing out a side of this that no one is really looking at. All they see is the so called violence directed at a politician which is probably not the case anyway. No one would be so up in arms if he just shot “regular” folks.

  2. All that remains is fro people to really care. An official standing was clearly made. Only time will prove you right or wrong. If you were to ask me, there’s no error in what you’re saying but opinions differ greatly as usual.

    • mindofmoran says:

      Opinions will always vary. Results are often subject to interpretation.

      But in a very practical sense, the man throwing rocks is more dangerous than the fellow spewing words.

  3. math games says:

    post not working in firefox

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