I did not watch the state of the union speech last night.  I understand our president is a much better than average speaker.  I’m also quite sure he can strike a conciliatory tone if he chooses.   It just seems all so unimportant.

Conservatives, especially elected republican conservatives need to understand that, Obama and our social democrats in the congress and senate do not regard the latest election as defeat for them and their agenda.  IT IS SIMPLY A SETBACK.

They’re chief weapons are patience, time, and relentless incrementalism.

The progressives have been trying to establish a national health care system since the early part of the 20th century.  It took ALL this time to get something approaching national health care into legislation.  Yet, they managed.  They don’t give up.

With this in mind, why did the republicans agree to this non-partisan seating arrangement?  Why do OUR boys and girls need to get along with their boys and girls.  Some would argue that it’s not really important.

What IS important is for the new kids in Washington to recognize the absolutely relentless push they are up against.  To not be lulled or drop their guard by a symbolic olive branch.   Look at Lindsey Graham, he was part of the Gingrich revolution.  If their is a better example of a RINO, I challenge you to name one.  The man is for cap and trade, comprehensive immigration reform and hasn’t seen a bailout he doesn’t like.

Just sayin’



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