I’m not a huge fan of Trump.  I don’t buy his books.  I didn’t watch his TV show and truthfully, I didn’t listen to this entire interview.  But, I heard enough of it to consider it important to share.

Much has been made of the size of the Chinese economy surpassing that of the U.S.  Well lah de frickin dah!.  China has a population of  1.3 BILLION people!  Geez, we have less than a third of that.  So, we still DWARF them in EVERY respect but total GDP.

Much of China’s population still live in wretched poverty.   What success they “enjoy” is due largely to currency manipulation and a “labor market” slightly better than slavery.   Further, their human rights record continues to be appalling.  So, let’s not be too quick to pay homage to the wonderful Chinese model of economics.    Don’t forget,  as a culture they’ve been around for thousands of years.  Seems like they could have done a lot better for themselves in all that time.  Let’s keep some perspective.


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  1. Sue Hanson says:

    Well! Thanks for pointing out the obvious (which nobody seems to see)!

    • mindofmoran says:

      Really! I mean come on, the Chinese people should all be educated, wealthy and flying rocket ships to work. They can’t blame 200 years of “American Imperialism” for their 5000 years of failure.

  2. mindofmoran says:

    And a lot of their production is based on the fact that the United States outsourced our manufacturing to them. They probably manufacture almost everything we develop now. What is NOT made in China these days? I wouldn’t even be surprised if someday, our people aren’t made in China by surrogate mothers. They’ll have to be because the lead paint and the toxic materials that the Chinese use will kill our ability to reproduce on our own anyway.

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    • mindofmoran says:

      Dear Larue, I was inclined to trash your comment as it is so generic, it probably is spam. I’ll allow it this time and see if you follow up with something less suspicious.

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