Posted: February 1, 2011 in foreign policy, middle east, World Affairs
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Glorious past, dismal present, uncertain future.

How is it a people with such a magnificent past find themselves in such a wretched condition?

Probably a few large tomes could attempt to answer that and still be incomplete.

My own feelings about Egypt and the whole middle east are a  mixture of anger, confusion and sadness.

How  long will these peoples endure leaders who oppress them?  How long will they continue to believe the lies that all their problems are because the tiny state of Israel exists?  How can they continue to accept that they are poor and hungry because others are not?

When will they demand freedom and pay for it with their OWN blood like our forefathers did over 200 years ago.  When will they GROW up and accept the mantle of self determinism, self reliance and personal accountability?

I don’t know what to fully make of the events in Tunisia, Egypt and likely, soon, many other countries throughout the middle east.  I fear that the “solutions” seized upon in fear and passion will not improve matters.  But I can say this, the people of Egypt and all middle eastern nations deserve better governments and leaders.  They deserve to have a chance at making a fair living and raising their children in peace.  They deserve a chance to be educated and participate in the weighty decisions that rule their lives.  They deserve their chance at the rewards and responsibilities of freedom and self determination.  I hope our foreign policy is aligned to these goals.  I’m not at all sure it is.

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  1. Sue Hanson says:

    I agree fully with every word of this post. However, I believe that the situation in the Middle East is no more straightforward than is our own. The same “powers that be” are pulling the strings there- it’s all part of the plan. See

  2. Jim Smalley says:

    Kevin, You deserve the government you get. Unless you, and a majority of the people want a better government and go after that goal you will be stuck with authorotarian regimes that only want to terrorize their people to stay in power and line their pockets with prohibitive taxation and foreign aid money. I’m relatively non-religious so please bear with me. Many of the great societies in the middle east have declined from their lofty heights of yesteryear. Why? I believe its the education they receive in the madrasah schools of the muslim religion. The children leave school and they only have a very narrow view of the political and social world they are expected to function in. The only thing understand is their role in muslim society. When all your decisions in life have to take into account first and foremost the teachings of allah, are you truly using your mind to its utmost? Its also why you’ll NEVER hear of moderate muslims criticizing the radical elements of islam. When a threat of a fatwah hanging over your head at any sign of independent thinking that does not support the religious aspect you are expected to espouse. Hopefully what we are seeing in the middle east is a people fed up enough with their governments to try to affect a change. They need our support to succeed and its sorely lacking in the present administration.

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