Egypt in the balance. Kum bay yah, my Lord, Kum bay yah.

Posted: February 11, 2011 in politics, World Affairs
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True economic, political and religious freedom OR Islamic tyranny

It’s very hard for me to reconcile the idea that a dictator can be a good friend to us and not so good a friend to his own people.

This is where George Bush showed courage and dared “go where angels fear to tread.”

In no small measure, the attack on Iraq was a statement by the U.S. that we would not forever suffer oppressive leaders because they provided stability.    Saddam’s hatred of the “persians” as he referred to the Iranians was no secret.  He was tolerated for many years because he was considered a stabilizing counter to Iran.

Bush said no more.  Saddam was a brutal dictator, a threat to his own people and a menace to the world.   Saddam was given many opportunities to capitulate.  He chose otherwise.

Saddam was overthrown, tried and executed and the people of Iraq began the harsh and difficult path to self governance.  They have had their share of setbacks (many, brutal) yet, free elections take place and their fledgling government  is beginning to function.  To say it is imperfect is a vast understatement.  However, history shows that once people get a taste of freedom and self governance, they can be quite intolerant of moving backward.

As it stands now, the military has taken charge in Egypt.  We hope, those men in charge will keep it together until a new government can be formed and a path to democracy can be laid.   The main problem, as I see it, is that very few of these people understand how quickly it can all go so very bad.  The people of Iran ousted the Shah, another awful, horrible man.  There was joy not unlike the Egyptians feel today.  But the regime which took his place is in many ways worse.  The Iranian people remain oppressed by a new set of leaders.  I don’t think that is what they were shooting for.

We don’t know what is going on behind the scenes at the Obama White House.  I’m sure that the “Community Organizer” Obama is “one with the people” and
“power to the workers,”  and all that lefty sentiment.  On the other hand, President Obama, who has kept Guantanamo open, pursues terrorist with unmanned drones, and has asked for the extension of vital Patriot Act provisions sees the situation differently.  Unfortunately, his double mindedness has sent confusing messages abroad to both friend and foe.   I for one believe he is conflicted.  Maybe, just maybe, he is starting to see the world as it really is, with all its perplexity and peril.  Maybe countries won’t be our friends and sing Kumbaya with us just because we talk nice to them.   I really don’t know.  I speculate.

In the meantime, at a critical juncture in world history, U.S. leadership has failed to lead in any meaningful way.  Turn down your lights America.   The “shining city on the hill” is a much, much dimmer.


  1. Thomas Bresnahan says:

    It is easy to sit back and critizize our president and the tough choices he ha to make. And although I don’t agree with everything he has done I think the reality of the situation is he was left with a mess. George Bush went into Iraq not to free the opressed. He went in to show how tough he could be against the advice of many in his cabinet. He went in because he wanted to finish something his father did not. He used a lie to go against the world community and cost the lives of thousand of young Amaercans in a land that is insignifacant in the world. While we have to deal with many dictators around the world the President, no matter what party he belongs to, has to balance being tough in situations and using diplomacy in others. History shows this recently with Nixon in China and Reagan with Russia. It’s easy to sit behind a computer and spew out opinon but if you really want to make a differance and have a voice get off the chair and get involved. You can throw rocks at the left or the right but the bottom line is we are in this together. Black, white, left and right if we don’t come together as a people we will lose the freedoms that have made this country a symbol to others. The light still shines bright because of people who believe and take part in this great democarcy.

    • mindofmoran says:

      Thank you for your comments, Tom. History will show the true impact of all these events.

      I truly hope that the Egyptians can find their way toward democracy. The Iraqis appear to be doing so, the Iranians not.

      I did give the president some subtle kudos, maybe you didn’t catch it. There is no mistake that the prestige of the U.S. is diminished, I don’t, however, blame President Obama for that entirely. He did inherit a mess, which many hands were in the making.

      It’s not that easy to “spew out opinion.” It is in fact hard work. Maybe not the way you think of work. Also, don’t assume I am uninvolved because I write.

      As for coming together, I consider that kind of pop buzz word to tell those who disagree with a particular point of view that they are wrong. If you build a fence on my land, I can demonstrate it’s my land, should I let you get away with it just to get along? It’s a simplistic example, yet the principle illustrated is true. We opposed Obama’s policies not because he is Obama, or black or whatever. We oppose them because we think they are WRONG. THAT is also the essence of AMERICAN democracy. We disagree with words not bullets.

      So, if it’s ok with you, I’ll continue to use my computer to voice my opinion. You are of course welcome to do the same.


  2. Jerry Graf says:

    Your own web site – I am impressed. I see Chucks stuff all the time – have you seen tom Bresnahans (sp) responses?!?! Last I knew Tom was a Domino’s franchisee but now I am not sure what he is – do you?!?!

    How’s life with you?!?! Don’t you just love those kind of questions?!?!

    Where in Florida do you live – I may be coming your way in a month or so – Lakeland to be exact for Sun-n-Fun! Are you off of your world wide whirl wind tour?!?!

  3. mindofmoran says:

    I don’t seem to remember Tom at all or know anything about him. He is always welcome here as you are.

    I live in the Tampa Bay area, about and hour and a half from Lakeland. Let me know when you will be around.

    Rita and I continue to work our sales business. Some days are better than others.

  4. D. says:

    In Iran, I believe it took about 30 days for Khomeini and his cohorts get control of Iran and impose their tyranny, after the people’s initial jubilation at the fall of the corrupt shah. Khomeini perceived a weak USA (circa Jimmy Carter) and thumbed his nose at the free world. Wait and see and hope that the same doesn’t happen in Egypt.

  5. Tom Bresnahan says:

    I’m sorry you don’t remember me Kevin we worked together on a few occasions until I left Distribution and franchised in 94. My wife’s family is from Lakeland, the Spoto’s and Nasworthy. She grew up on a dairy that the family still owns. Good like with your blog , and yes I will always be one to find diplomacy and common ground. I believe that it works I. Every situation if people put forth the effort. Have a great day.

    • mindofmoran says:

      Tom, I am sorry I don’t remember you, although your name is somewhat familiar. Is there a picture of you I can access, I rarely forget a face.

      Diplomacy and common ground ARE always best. In the case of Russia, I believe some fear of us was also useful.

      Best to you, I have had many friends through the years with whom I have disagreed. I hope we can continue to correspond.


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