It needs to be said over and over.

Posted: February 16, 2011 in economic theory, World Affairs
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Walter E. Williams professor of economics at George Mason University

In the article above, esteemed economist, Walter E. Williams asks, “Why do Egyptians do well when they move to the U.S. but not in their own country?”

The article linked above is worth a solid read.  It is not that our system is entirely unique.  It is that our system has been the most accessible to anyone who could by hook or crook come here.

The redistributionist mentality ignores these simple truths over and over.  They decry economic inequity and clamor for social justice.  And their solution is ALWAYS punish those that are doing things right and well.

The recent news from Egypt makes a lot of noise over freedom and democracy.  However, Mr. Williams makes the case that unless property rights can be established and protected, there is little chance the Egyptians can truly enjoy the benefits of liberty.  Property rights (for others of course) are not a high priority in the progressive mentality.

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