Now, there are things we all enjoy in life.  Those little luxuries and indulgences that put some joy and excitement into what can often be routine and mundane.  Like a cup of Starbucks.

But let’s say, oops  the tranny blows out on the family car.  $2500 on a credit card and NUTS, now my budget is a lot tighter.  Darn it, darn car.  But what are you going to do?

Well, being a financial whiz, I figure out that I spend $3.95  5 days a week for my half-caffe, double, mocha latte espresso hot damn delicious cup o’ joe at the Starbucks en route to my job.  Well, hell, that’s  $80.00 a month for a really fine cup of coffee.  But, it is only coffee.

So, manly man that I am, I decide, I can go without that delight for maybe a year or so, until I get a raise or pull in some cash and get this financial strain behind me.  I used to make coffee  at home.  I think I remember how.  If not, I can look it up on the internet.   If  I put some sugar in it and whipped cream on top,  it’ll be cheap, DELICIOUS and fiscal equilibrium can be restored.  And, really I could still have a Starbucks  once in a while.  I’m not going under financially or anything.  Just tight.

See, when it’s your OWN money and you can’t take it from someone else or print it and you really do have to answer to someone if you can’t make your obligations, well, you can give up a cup of Starbucks.

Well, apparently Obama cannot even do that.

Federal spending is sooooo out of control.  We are, in fact, going under as a nation.  Did you watch that video?  Here’s another one with Obama’s Secretary of the Treasury.

How is THIS responsible government?

I hear many knowledgeable people saying that we’re printing lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of money to keep up with the outflow.  Some say that could cause MASSIVE inflation.  Last I checked, that could make my Starbucks cost maybe $5.00 or $6.00.  Worse, a gallon of gas could cost that much, (hmm, Starbucks or gas, choices, choices)  That’s not gooooood.  THAT’S NOT GOOD AT ALL!

Now Fed Chairman, Bernanke, figures that this inflation will offset equally devastating deflation.  It’s kind of like if you lose your right arm, you should cut off your left leg so you’re, you know, balanced.  Yeah, it’s like that.

Instead of playing financial Russian roulette with our foreseeable future, can’t we rein in the spending, even as much as an analogical, metaphorical trip to Starbucks?

Can it be that all that spending is all absolutely vital and must be done or we’ll  just shrivel up and die or whatever?  Will the Republic cease if ANY federal spending ceases.  I really find that hard to accept.  I think anybody that has to manage a household or run a business would find it hard to accept as well.

As a matter of fact, we often find just the opposite.  When we get our own spending under control, we feel less stress.  There is less domestic discord. We can usually focus on what’s truly important to us.  In time with discipline we have some extra money for a little fun or ease.  It really comes down to priorities.

When the money is not yours and you don’t earn it.  When you have the power by force of law to take it (or print it).  When you can jail someone if they refuse to give you or try to get out of giving you their money, well then, I guess you don’t have to decide on priorities.   At least, that is how this administration is acting.   Although Obama’s administration is potentially the worst in this regard, when I checked not one administration since Roosevelt reduced the debt.

So, who’s up for some Starbucks?

Ahhhh, I like the whipped cream on top.


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