Deep in the heart of Taxes!

Posted: February 23, 2011 in obama, politics, tax policy
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US taxes as a percent of income in 2008.

US taxes as a percent of income in 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Upon simple contemplation I have the idea that taxes are necessary to fund government in the execution of its role in society.  Seems pretty simple.

The overarching political debate with which we grapple everyday is just what is government’s  role and consequently, what is the tax policy which supports that role.

Wait no, that’s not true.  They are in fact, very separate debates.

Watch this video.

If you listen carefully to the moderator, it’s clear within certain parameters, lower tax rates generate more income.  You obviously can’t lower them to zero.  However, it would seem that if you want to fund all the “wonderful” programs that government should be doing, you would set the rates to generate the most income.  But, that’s not what Obama said he’d do.

Obama talks about “fairness” based on the rate.  I guess he means fairness as measured by the percentage  of one’s income paid in taxes.   So if someone’s “rich,” in fairness, they should pay a higher percentage of their income to congress in taxes.

(Just as an aside, hasn’t he ever heard of a volume discount?  I guess not.)

So, let’s look at this.  A secretary making say $60,000 a year pays 25% of her income in income taxes.  Say she has NO deductions, that’s  $15,o00.  Well that sounds really awful.  That’s a lot of money to someone making that kind of salary.  That DOES sound unfair.  Actually, it pisses me off that ANYONE would think that this is ok.  It is oppressive!

Okay, so here’s what we do.  Her boss he makes $95,000 a year, PLUS he gets some kind of stock bonus thingy that resulted in a $ 10,000 capital gain.  So at 15% capital gains tax he pays $1500 of that plus his $26,600 in income tax @ 28%.   To be fair to her, let’s raise his capital gains to 28% too!  So, now he pays almost $3000 in CG taxes.  She’s all better now!  Don’t you see how that’s better for her?  He paid $29,900, that’s better for her, he is more oppressed, so she is less oppressed.

This kind of “logic” is what seemingly governs liberal tax policy.  It’s not really about fairness though.  Look, if I bash your mouth and bust half your teeth out (that kind of sound like a 25% tax rate, close enough for me anyway), will you feel better if I do the same thing to someone else AND poke one of his eyes out too?    Is that MORE FAIR to you?  THAT’S NUTS.  More fair would be to NOT bash your mouth!

So, it’s not about raising revenue, cause lower rates do that.  It’s not about fairness,  ’cause if it was, they would REDUCE the secretary’s rate.

Their “logic” does not hold up for even more extreme examples.  A hedge fund manager who makes $200,000 in salary and then pulls in say $1,000,000 in CG will pay $70,000 in income taxes and at 15% CG tax, $150,000 into the federal coffers.  If he pays $280,000 in CG tax, does that really lessen her burden?

Watch this video about the nature of actual tax revenues.

I don’t know about you, but I am forced to conclude that liberal tax policy is simply and only about taking money from the rich.  Sure, the libs will throw it around, try to look humanitarian and helpful.   But that is just a facade.

They, the rich, are just not supposed to have that much money.  If liberals really cared about the secretary, they’d just reduce her rate.  If they wanted to really fund all their wonderful programs fully from which the secretary might in fact benefit,  they’d adjust the rate to MAXIMIZE revenue.  But, they don’t want to do that.   The bottom line is this.  They just don’t think anyone has a right to that much money (however much “that” is).  And it’s the liberal’s moral responsibility to take it from them.

So, as the budget debate heats up, don’t be fooled.  When it comes to taxes, the libs really only care THE MOST about one thing.  To make the rich less so.


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  1. Scrap Iron says:

    This is my first time to your site.
    I see you have a few articles about taxes.
    How do you feel about the Fair tax?
    I would enjoy reading more on this subject.

    Scrap Iron

  2. Scrap Iron says:

    It was from a link at, I believe,
    Maybe Daily Caller
    Or CNSNews.
    One of them
    I live in Houston, TX and am a frequent commter athe Houston Chronicle website,

    Scrap Iron

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  4. Anony Moose says:

    It’s so d@mn easy to get poor folks to go along with higher taxes for the rich, because they get the idea that they will get some of that money somehow.

    A good number of the rich are rich because they worked hard to get rich, the poor just don’t care to work that hard … so they stay poor, and if they fall for “The rich need to be taxed more than you” line, they stay stupid to.

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