Easier access videos PLUS BONUS VIDEO

Posted: February 23, 2011 in obama, politics
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I didn’t embed the videos properly.  You can access them through the links, but this is easier.  Here they are!


Deep in the heart of  Taxes, video 1



video 2

What JFK had to say about tax rates, revenue and economic growth.

Bonus Video

Sometimes I forget the best way to handle the multi media.  So, if you’ve come with me this far, you get this bonus video of JFK.

  1. Sue Hanson says:

    Yeah. They don’t want the rich to be too rich – UNLESS we’re talking about the VERY rich (ie at the level of the Rothschilds, et al), who are calling the shots here (and around the world). Those people are benefitting from our tax money. That has nothing to do with spending the tax money to improve anything in America. I think all the talk about “fairness” is just a way to create class warfare. The objective is to create a situation where the ultra rich control everyone else and only they have any real resources for wealth.

    Yesterday I read that the plan is for war in the middle east (among themselves) and a subsequent lack of oil and crash of the dollar at which point the US will do what it should have done years ago – open up our own immense oil resources. However, by then the dollar will be basically worthless, so providing our own oil will not help us financially. Part of that plan, also, is the recall of gold so it can be devalued and new money created based on the gold standard. It was only a matter of time, wasn’t it? So all of those “smart” people who have invested everything in gold will find themselves forced to sell it back at something like $200 an ounce – or go to prison, or leave the country and go somewhere where it’s legal to own gold, if such a place still exists at that time. All of that is to take place, I believe, over the next 2 years.

  2. Sue Hanson says:

    “It’s time to be patriotic” HUH? IF tax money were being spent in a way that would benefit the US , that might be a true statement.

  3. mindofmoran says:

    Well our course does look rocky and fraught with real danger. I have some hope that we can still come through.


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