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In the article linked here: It looks as though the former speaker is serious about a run at the presidency.

He won’t win against Obama.  He is damaged goods.

No one gets scrutinized as closely as a politician.  And while we are all human and have flaws, Newt does NOT bring anywhere near enough to the table to overcome his!

I am no moralist.  I didn’t care so much about Clinton’s serial infidelities.  It’s just that he lied about them and seemed willing to go to ANY lengths to cover them up.  Further, Clinton didn’t preach to others about that kind of morality.  Don’t get me wrong, I think the guy had serious character flaws.  However, these flaws became more apparent AFTER he was already president.   He was already quite popular.  Newt’s are already well known and after that commercial spot with Pelosi, I don’t know what he could say or do for ME to take him seriously.  I doubt I am alone in that regard.

My fear is that the rest of the Republican field is so weak, that Newt will win the candidacy  similarly to John McCain.  If the economy has recovered to any degree, which I hope it has, the electorate will not toss over Obama for Newt.

The good news is that, as long as the Republicans can hold the house and regain the senate, Obama’s agenda can be curtailed.

BUT, if we want to ROLL IT BACK, selecting Newt Gingrich as our candidate will not give us the chance to do that.

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