Michael Moore lays it out. Individual wealth is a “national resource!”.

Posted: March 2, 2011 in progressivism, tax policy, Wealth
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Michael Moore at the 66th Venice International...

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In my earlier post, “Deep in the heart of Taxes,” at https://mindofmoran.wordpress.com/2011/02/23/deep-in-the-heart-of-taxes/ I show that the liberal mind think on taxes and wealth has little to do with “fairness” or helping others.  It’s a moral repugnance to individual wealth.

Well, watch Michael Moore, as he tells it once again!

There is no concept in the liberal mind set that wealth is created.  In their mind wealth just exists.  Then, some evil, greedy person snatches it all up for themselves.  Of course, I’m sure Mr. Moore is quite comfortable with HIS millions and considers them well earned.  THOSE millions are NOT in the “national resource” column of the country’s balance sheet.

Economic, political and personal liberty are so intertwined that any rational analysis would find it difficult to show where one ends and the other begins.  This concept escapes the progressive redistributionist.  Yet, when they experience it for themselves, oooooh, they whine!

Watch  Whoopi Goldberg bitch as she experiences the effects of a political/economic system she promotes with nearly every public breath.

Apparently she doesn’t realize that her “good living” is a “national resource.”  As always, with liberals, it’s SOMEONE ELSE’S wealth that should be a national resource.

The right to personal property is  a bedrock fundamental to personal freedom.  That right is often portrayed as evil and selfish, yet personal liberty without it is virtually meaningless.


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  1. mh says:

    Yes, “SOMEONE ELSE’S” IS the key phrase; it’s another version of NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard). You talk to or threaten the poorest or homeless person — they’ll be the least willing to yield up their meager possessions as a National Resource UNLESS they stand to gain even more for them in return, and how purely Capitalist is THAT idea?

  2. Scrap Iron says:

    Jobs belong to America collectively?
    The sad fact is: this man (?) is SERIOUS about that.
    Jobs belong to the owner of the company, just as wealth belongs to the person (or other entity) that EARNED it.
    He really doesn’t have a clue, or he’d be giving his millions to “the cause”.

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