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The relentless devaluation of our dollar will eventually lead to the loss of 0ur currency‘s status as the world’s reserve currency.  Hyperinflation will rob each of us of any sense of security or a prosperous future.

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The real answer is to cut government spending.  The money being printed by the Fed is in response to government debt.

What will happen when, as it seems is inevitable, when our currency no longer enjoys reserve status?  Is our way of life so fragile?  If you watch the second video, make sure you go all the way to the end.

Much finger pointing is directed to The Fed.  Well, the Fed is only the tool of the politicians.  The Fed prints money to support the policies of the politicians.  I am no supporter of The Fed but really, the real problem is our government, which knows no limits to spending.

Unless a dramatic change of course occurs, there is no doubt the dollar will be sent to the dust bin, like the British Pound before it.  Are you ready for $7.00 to $8.00/gallon gas,  loaves of bread that cost a half day’s wage or even more?

Don’t listen to misdirection and propaganda regarding inflation.  There is only one cause of inflation, government spending and an expanded money supply to cover it.


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