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There is much speculation on the real impact of Bin Laden‘s death. How will Al Qaeda manage without him? Will current plots stall or be sped up? Will budding terrorists be inspired or deflated? Who knows?

The answer is probably YES! Any which way an individual or organization could react will happen somewhere by someone. These are events out of our control.

I have been no fan of our President. His domestic policy has been one of only increasing government size, scope, power, reach, consumption, and on! Internationally he has fared no better. Our foreign trade is a mess, our alliances less secure, our preeminence faltering. But you know what, when the decision came to pull the trigger on an avowed enemy he did it! For that I am grateful.

In an earlier post, I explored the uneasy double-mindedness the president probably experiences now that he actually has the job of being president. I was criticized for pointing out how Obama‘s actions as president contradicted his promises as a candidate, i.e. Guantanamo, Iraq and Afghanistan. I was in fact not really criticizing him. I was pointing out how when one actually takes on the mantle of Commander in Chief, when the responsibility of the job and the requisite access to information impinges on that person, that person will be changed. He/She will do at least a few things differently than earlier anticipated.

So, kudos Mr. Obama. By not flinching on your sworn responsibility you’ve brought a measure of closure to many hurting Americans. And to people like me, you’ve earned a measure of respect which will temper our opposition to so many of your wrong headed policies.


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  1. Sue Hanson says:

    According to several sources, OBL has been dead for years. Obama trotted him out for a couple of reasons, it seems – the government is now proposing even more security at airports and railway stations and will probably try to usurp other freedoms as well because “there might be retaliation”. Retaliation is exactly what the current government wants because they figure that an attack would bolster Obama’s ratings and possibly get him re-elected. So watch for yet another false flag event.

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