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While the take down of Osama Bin Laden absorbs most of our collective media and personal attention a perhaps more urgent battle looms than the continuing “war on terror.”

Soon, congress will be faced again with the “necessity” to raise the debt limit to avoid financial default.  While the consequences of default are real and perhaps really unpleasant, the runaway debt and spending of the federal government is a much greater, more devastating danger.

We Americans have lived for so long with a favored status that is hard to imagine life differently.  Be assured, we are on a path to a very different, much poorer lifestyle.

Despite claims to the contrary, the financial situation is so dire, taxing the rich to any level would not provide the revenue needed to turn the red ink black.

House Republicans are in a unique position to actually FORCE spending reduction.  By refusing to allow a raise of the debt limit, the treasury would immediately have to prioritize spending against revenue.  Not a bad start.  But isn’t that what EVERY organization must do when revenue and spending our out of balance?  Why do our political leaders think such inescapable principles don’t apply to the federal government?

I don’t believe killing Osama is a “wag the dog” tactic to distract us from the vital debate over the country’s finances.  However, it could become such if WE don’t keep the pressure on our elected representatives to get the Federal budget under control.

Keep after your own elected representatives.  If you don’t know who your representatives are, this link will be very helpful:

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