Yawn! Romney is not exciting. Oh well.

Posted: April 5, 2012 in politics
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I didn’t care for Romney when he ran in the last presidential Republican primary and I don’t really care for him now.  He’s so bland.

Well, maybe that’s not so bad.  The left has tried to make much of his cold capitalist ways and his lack of hipness.  They waste their time and squander what little political capital they’ve been able to muster.  The truth is that whatever Romney lacks in eliciting excitement, their guy, Mr. O elicits monumental disdain.  No matter how they try to spin his record, Obama’s only real agenda has been to “make the rich pay their fair share.”

He has made no progress creating jobs, his energy policy has produced neither safer or greener energy in any meaningful quantity while his administration has worked diligently to hamstring all the current energy production.  He seems to think there is no consequence to piling on debt at a pace no past president could have even conceived

They try to pose him as a moderate, but no one with eyes to see is fooled.

Romney may be “cold,”  but he’s mature.  He is NOT an ideologue.  He is pragmatic and knows how it is that the real world works.

I think Romney’s strength may prove to be in the better management of our trade and diplomatic relations.  I don’t see him rushing into any armed conflict, but I’ll bet when it comes to treaties with our trading partners, he’ll write deals much more favorable to America than any recent President.  I think that’s his nature.  I could be overly optimistic, but our county’s founders had great faith in the “diplomacy” of trade.  It just may be that we could see a better economy for ourselves, more respect on the world stage with a trade policy run by a capitalist.



  1. David M. says:

    I don’t recall Ronald Reagan being very “exciting” until after he got into office and proved to be the best President and leader in modern times.

  2. greatshades says:

    Can’t go there, Kevin. Romney LIKES NDAA and the Patriot Act and said that we probably need more of that. He also is quite ready to jump into more war, judging from his comments in debates. I believe that Romney would be another perfect puppet of the UN and IMF. Nope, he’s a bad idea.

    BTW, glad to see that you’re still thinking 🙂

    • mindofmoran says:

      You know, Sue. You always make great comments and I really appreciate it. I guess we just all wish Ron Paul had had a real chance at the nomination.


  3. NVRDC says:

    Um … “no progress creating jobs”? Have you checked the monthly statistical reports freely available from the bureau of labor statistics? Just in you don’t like reading all those statistical reports, here’s a picture .. a graph: http://nvrdc.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/jobcreation.png Given the hole the last Administration created .. I’d say he’s done a phenomenal job and could have done much better had he not had all the Republiban obstructionist activity. It’s kind of hard to do much about energy when the House of Republibans kills every bill that might make a difference.

    • mindofmoran says:

      We are losing more jobs than we are creating. The bureau it only takes basic math to figure that out.

      • mindofmoran says:

        When more people file for unemployment than new jobs are created, I’d say we’re losing ground. Obama’s answers to energy are unproven/unready green technologies, while he OBSTRUCTS CANADIAN oil from being brought into the U.S. via Keystone which also would create jobs. You’re obviously an Obama kool-aid drinker. The only “good job” I can give him credit for is killing terrorists, he’s ok at that, especially since he’s following Bush’s programs one for one.

      • NVRDC says:

        Please provide your reference so I can verify your claims. The definitive source is the bureau of labor statistics … so who/what is your source?

      • mindofmoran says:

        From the Bureau of Labor statistics the most recent reported weekly new unemployment claims was 357,000 new claims, that’s for one week. The number of jobs created in March, according to the chart you cited is right at 100,000. What am I missing?

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