My name is Kevin Moran.  I have a lovely wife named Rita and we live in sunny Tampa Bay, Florida.  I’m writing this blog because I am very passionate about our participatory system of government!  I also love our free speech.  So this blog is about both those passions.

While I love our system, I am very unhappy with Washington D.C. corruption and elitist culture.  I don’t want a “nanny state.”    The Constitution specifically enumerates the powers of the federal government, and that’s what I want to see the country get back to.

Are you with me?

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  1. The right to own private property is the crux of a capitalist economy. It governs both democratic and socialist regimens. It is also the means whereby personal control and advantage are created and maintained. The monastic communities of ancient Egypt were failed attempts to establish and perpetuate an ideal society. Few, if any, produced the desired interpersonal and institutional goals. Our contemporary global networks of commerce, statecraft and education need to discern the destructive effects of private ownership of capital goods and to remedy these defects. A worthwhile approach might be to require groups of youth and adults to compete; the opponents would differ in that one/some operated without private property ownership and the others had full rights to such ownership.

    • mindofmoran says:

      Thanks for the contribution, Sally.

      It seems we already had that competition. The U.S.S.R. operated for decades without private ownership. They disintegrated. We have our problems, but are still around. Maybe there is more to what you’re suggesting than I am perceiving.

      Please, come back often.


    • dianne says:

      You say ” The right to own private property is the crux of a capitalist economy ” like its a bad thing. Yet, it is the best type of economy (suitable for humans) ever invented. Name another that has succeeded so well.

      • mindofmoran says:

        That’s what I say, Di!. Sally never again commented. Not sure why. I spoke with her once in person. She seemed very knowledgeable on world affairs.

        What humans need to realize that personal, economic and political freedom are closely intertwined. The RIGHT to own property and use it in the manner of one’s own choosing is the “heads” side of the freedom coin. True, there will be abuse. However, if one would be free, there will be risk. They are hand in glove.

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