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National emblem of the People's Republic of China

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The article above doesn’t give a complete picture of China.  It is, however, a salient one.

There are MANY who would lead us to believe that China is an emerging power; an emerging SUPER power.

In 2009 the population of China was pegged at 1,331,460,000!    That is almost four times the population of the U.S.  It’s ludicrous that they are NOT a power already.

Why is China soooooo backward?  Why do so many of it’s people live in squalor?  Why after what 5000 or so years of “civilization” are they playing catch up?  They have had a HUGE head start.

Well in my not so humble opinion for the vast majority of Chinese history, the Chinese people were chattel.  Not much has changed.   Their system is oppressive. and has been for a REALLY LONG TIME.  As such, China is a threat.  It’s a society that does NOT share our values.  It is a government that regards its people as tools.

What do their leaders think of us?  How do they regard our society?  Well, if they see their own people as tools, I can’t imagine they think very highly of us.   Given their trade practices, of which I have some personal experience, they don’t respect us.

I think it’s time our relations with China reflect the reality that they are NOT our friends.   Maybe enemy is not the right word either.   Maybe it is.


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Glorious past, dismal present, uncertain future.

How is it a people with such a magnificent past find themselves in such a wretched condition?

Probably a few large tomes could attempt to answer that and still be incomplete.

My own feelings about Egypt and the whole middle east are a  mixture of anger, confusion and sadness.

How  long will these peoples endure leaders who oppress them?  How long will they continue to believe the lies that all their problems are because the tiny state of Israel exists?  How can they continue to accept that they are poor and hungry because others are not?

When will they demand freedom and pay for it with their OWN blood like our forefathers did over 200 years ago.  When will they GROW up and accept the mantle of self determinism, self reliance and personal accountability?

I don’t know what to fully make of the events in Tunisia, Egypt and likely, soon, many other countries throughout the middle east.  I fear that the “solutions” seized upon in fear and passion will not improve matters.  But I can say this, the people of Egypt and all middle eastern nations deserve better governments and leaders.  They deserve to have a chance at making a fair living and raising their children in peace.  They deserve a chance to be educated and participate in the weighty decisions that rule their lives.  They deserve their chance at the rewards and responsibilities of freedom and self determination.  I hope our foreign policy is aligned to these goals.  I’m not at all sure it is.

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The Hague (international War Crime Tribunal) or the Norwegian Parliament (Nobel Peace Prize) What do you think?

If you read the article to which I have provided a link below, you’ll find one more thing to add to the list of President Bush‘s “crimes.”

Let’s catalog his previous misdeeds.

Without any provocation whatsoever, he deposed one of the Middle East’s most beloved rulers.  Simultaneously, he thrust the Iraqi people into the horrible dilemma of having to rule themselves and respect each other.

He water-boarded about maybe 5 or 6 Islamic Freedom Fighters who wanted nothing more than to create a world-wide  Islamic paradise, ruled by the  gentle benevolence of Sharia law and completely free of infidels. He felt this really urgent need to know about their secret plans.  How rude!

Also, without regard to personal privacy,  he listened in on the calls of other Islamic Freedom Fighters who just wanted to catch up with their all too few friends here in the U.S.

And get this, he also tracked and froze their bank accounts, all over the freakin’ world.  The nerve.

Well let’s add CYBER TERROR to his shameful rap-sheet!  Read the article .

Here are the Iranians, minding their own business.  Bothering no one.  They are so totally committed to “going green,” that despite having the THIRD LARGEST oil reserve in the world, they are engaged in a totally peaceful nuclear development program.  That’s right.  They are trying to save the planet.

So, what did that devil, Bush, do?  STUXNET!  Oh, you don’t know what that is.  It is perhaps his most insidious, devious act.  He authorized a virus attack on the computers that run the Iranian nuclear program!  I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a virus on my computer and it is a son of a bitch!  Poor Iranians.  Maybe they were only using the free version of AVG.  I don’t really know.  But I guess this Stuxnet virus won’t stay in the quarantine vault thingy.  They can’t get rid of it.  So, it looks like the Iranians will just have to keep using oil and ruining the planet for at least a few more  years.  Add this to Bush’s crimes, “hacker” and “planet earth hater.”