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National emblem of the People's Republic of China

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The article above doesn’t give a complete picture of China.  It is, however, a salient one.

There are MANY who would lead us to believe that China is an emerging power; an emerging SUPER power.

In 2009 the population of China was pegged at 1,331,460,000!    That is almost four times the population of the U.S.  It’s ludicrous that they are NOT a power already.

Why is China soooooo backward?  Why do so many of it’s people live in squalor?  Why after what 5000 or so years of “civilization” are they playing catch up?  They have had a HUGE head start.

Well in my not so humble opinion for the vast majority of Chinese history, the Chinese people were chattel.  Not much has changed.   Their system is oppressive. and has been for a REALLY LONG TIME.  As such, China is a threat.  It’s a society that does NOT share our values.  It is a government that regards its people as tools.

What do their leaders think of us?  How do they regard our society?  Well, if they see their own people as tools, I can’t imagine they think very highly of us.   Given their trade practices, of which I have some personal experience, they don’t respect us.

I think it’s time our relations with China reflect the reality that they are NOT our friends.   Maybe enemy is not the right word either.   Maybe it is.


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Devastation in Japan

As in the past, the U.S. government and many of its private citizens will provide massive amounts of aid to the Japanese.   This is a good thing.  Other countries  and their people will also join in the effort.  And make no mistake, the effort will be HUGE.

There are very few who would disagree with the idea that we should all help each other in times of need, especially catastrophic need.

Unfortunately, giving to help the unfortunate, charity, aid has become characterized as “giving back.” (more…)

I’m not a huge fan of Trump.  I don’t buy his books.  I didn’t watch his TV show and truthfully, I didn’t listen to this entire interview.  But, I heard enough of it to consider it important to share.

Much has been made of the size of the Chinese economy surpassing that of the U.S.  Well lah de frickin dah!.  China has a population of  1.3 BILLION people!  Geez, we have less than a third of that.  So, we still DWARF them in EVERY respect but total GDP.

Much of China’s population still live in wretched poverty.   What success they “enjoy” is due largely to currency manipulation and a “labor market” slightly better than slavery.   Further, their human rights record continues to be appalling.  So, let’s not be too quick to pay homage to the wonderful Chinese model of economics.    Don’t forget,  as a culture they’ve been around for thousands of years.  Seems like they could have done a lot better for themselves in all that time.  Let’s keep some perspective.


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