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John Boehner

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Three days ago, Speaker of the House, John Boehner told a gathering of economists that he wouldn’t agree to a debt limit increase without TRILLIONS of dollars in federal spending cuts.

This sounds good.  Well, a good start.

There are many who believe there is no good reason to raise the debt limit at all.  That to stop the debt right where it is is the best way to start on the road to fiscal sanity.

I have no credentials as an economist.  But it seems that no one can get around the basic idea that income MUST at least match outflow to remain solvent.  If the debt ceiling is constantly being raised, that prospect seems further off.

So, I applaud Mr. Boehner’s leadership.  However, very very soon, their must be no more increase to the debt.  Tax rates must NOT increase until the waste, fraud and duplication in federal spending is weeded out.  There IS a revenue problem.  But it must be solved with growth and federal spending, as the last two plus years demonstrates, does NOT cause economic growth.


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A good friend of mine forwarded this to me and I wanted to share it with all of you.


Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them.

It could certainly feel like doomsday, if the Republicans can't field a great candidate.

It’s been a week (or more) since I posted here.  I’ve had a hard time focusing in on any of the salient issues before us and saying something that hasn’t already been said.

However, there is one chilling thought  that comes to mind OVER and OVER.   I believe Obama will win a second term. Despite his once falling approval ratings, and his recent loss of the House of Representatives and near loss of the Senate, I believe Obama is nearly unbeatable.

Here’s why.  The Republicans.

Yes, it’s early, but I haven’t seen one contender from the potential Republican field that makes me excited.  That’s a problem.

It’s likely that the Republicans will gain the Senate in the next election. I’m very happy about that.  However,  I for one don’t think the Republicans are particularly good when they have the trifecta of power.    Further, I think there are many voters who feel as I do.

The genius of our system, the American system, is the separation of powers.  I for one, after the last 2 decades, am very wary of any ONE party occupying the house, senate and white house.  No one seems to do it well.  So, I for one could live with another 4 years of Obama, as long as we keep the house and gain the Senate.  I’d be happy to be proved wrong.


The 112th congress opened session yesterday with a reading of the constitution.  Frankly, I’m not really impressed.  It is a symbolic act and I appreciate it as such.  However, the corrupting influences in Washington cannot be over matched by the simple vocalization of our nation’s supreme law.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hold that anyone believes just reading the constitution is a remedy to any of our country’s ills.  There are going to be some very tough battles, the toughest being the battle against the status quo.

Washington is a machine.  It has A LOT of momentum.  The interconnections and intricacies of regulation, legislation and the bureaucracy that keeps it all humming along is MIND BOGGLING.  Further, that bureaucracy is deeply entrenched and deeply committed to ITS OWN SURVIVAL.

We’ll see what happens.


This decade's battle will be The Constitution, a document of maybe 50 or so pages, against the massive bureaucracy of Washington D.C.