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Romney gathers power in the "Quickening" as Santorum suspends his campaign.

Now that Santorum has suspended his campaign Romney’s nomination is a lock.  Gingrich continues to delude himself, but when $500 checks from the campaign coffers bounce, you know the show is on life support.

I have many friends who hold out support for  Ron Paul.  Well, our society’s “kingmakers” have ignored him from the beginning.   As popular as Paul is that popularity is not enough to get him anywhere near a candidacy let alone the presidency.   I don’t know what role Paul could assume to push forward his truly constitutionally based policies.  How a man like Obama can ascend to the presidency while Paul is ignored demonstrates the bias and corruption within the two party old guard system.

Let’s remember that as powerful as the President is, we have a Supreme Court to consider and two houses of elected legislators  Just as the progressive/liberals have pushed their agenda incrementally for nearly a century, we must be prepared to do the same.

A second Obama term would lose the Supreme Court for a generation.   Surely in a second term he’ll appoint two justices.   Those appointments are for life.  This must not be allowed.

We must also continue to place Tea Party candidates into both the Senate and House of Representatives.  Place more elected representatives like Ron Paul.  This will be  a protracted tug of war.  The left NEVER gives up.  We must not either.


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speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on February 10, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anybody who believes that the continued pursuit of the nomination by Santorum and even Gingrich will somehow hurt the Republicans chances in the Presidential election is really just well,  WRONG.

Whoever our nominee is will be running against BARAK HUSSEIN OBAMA.  Despite any hard feelings that may be generated by the primary process, there is no one who opposes Obama that will vote for him because of the nastiness in the primaries.

The only thing that will matter is that our candidate must be unrelenting and merciless in his “attack” on the President.  I hope that Romney or whomever can unflinchingly “beat up on” Obama.  McCain didn’t have the stomach for it.  We need someone who does.

In the past, political power was transferred by murder or war or violence of some sort.  These days, at least here in America we really just talk really, really awfully to our opponents.  It IS ugly, but it’s much better than blood in the streets!


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Newt Gingrich in 2007 in Washington, DC at the...

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In the article linked here: It looks as though the former speaker is serious about a run at the presidency.

He won’t win against Obama.  He is damaged goods.


I did not watch the state of the union speech last night.  I understand our president is a much better than average speaker.  I’m also quite sure he can strike a conciliatory tone if he chooses.   It just seems all so unimportant.

Conservatives, especially elected republican conservatives need to understand that, Obama and our social democrats in the congress and senate do not regard the latest election as defeat for them and their agenda.  IT IS SIMPLY A SETBACK.

They’re chief weapons are patience, time, and relentless incrementalism.

The progressives have been trying to establish a national health care system since the early part of the 20th century.  It took ALL this time to get something approaching national health care into legislation.  Yet, they managed.  They don’t give up.

With this in mind, why did the republicans agree to this non-partisan seating arrangement?  Why do OUR boys and girls need to get along with their boys and girls.  Some would argue that it’s not really important.

What IS important is for the new kids in Washington to recognize the absolutely relentless push they are up against.  To not be lulled or drop their guard by a symbolic olive branch.   Look at Lindsey Graham, he was part of the Gingrich revolution.  If their is a better example of a RINO, I challenge you to name one.  The man is for cap and trade, comprehensive immigration reform and hasn’t seen a bailout he doesn’t like.

Just sayin’


I remember feeling pretty excited when Newt Gingrich masterfully engineered a kind of revolution.  For the first time in decades, Republicans had the power in Congress.  Republicans took over the House and Senate and pushed back against the very liberal policies of President Clinton.   A balance of power was brought about.  It seemed to work pretty well.  The economy expanded,  and we were fine on the world stage.

Tired of the Clinton’s and those associated with them, a scandal weary electorate elected George Bush president.  A Republican House and Senate were already in place.  To their shame, these nimrods expanded government and entitlements with no less abandon than their Democratic counterparts had for decades.

Midway during “W’s” second term, a war weary electorate threw out the Republican bums and installed a Democratic Congress.  Then they (we) gave the reins of executive power to Mr. Obama who along with his Democratic cohorts have run up more debt than all previous administrations COMBINED!

My point comes to this.  It seems that when any one party has the Presidency and the two Houses, it’s BAD.  VERY, VERY BAD. They can’t seem to help themselves.  There is too much momentum, too much agreement in the direction of throwing federal money at virtually everything.  Hardly anybody knows how or when to say “no.”  The few that do, are too few to make a difference.  And I can only imagine the pressure that can be brought to bear against a junior congressperson seeking to change the “way things are done.”

At least when neither party has “it all,”  there is enough disagreement on HOW to spend us into OBLIVION, that the momentum is somewhat slowed.  Sometimes the animus is enough to bring about gridlock, which is really pretty awesome.

If we go back to the Clinton and Reagan years.  We find that the President’s opposite party mostly controlled the Congress.  This seemed to work the best.  We will have the same situation with Obama for the next two years.  Maybe, it’ll get better.  Let’s just wait and see.  And if we get a Republican President in 2012, a small, very real part of me hopes the Democrats retain control of the Senate.  I can’t believe I said that.