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She’s charming and nice looking but she leaves me dissatisfied.

I saw part of Governor Palin’s interview with Matt Lauer on his morning program last week.  I can’t get over how unimpressed I was.  She did ok, but I never really sense any depth of understanding or perception in her comment.  Yes, she held her own against an interviewer who was obviously no fan or hers, but really, I think we need more than that from anyone who aspires to national leadership.

I for one am glad she is not in the race or even being considered for the VP post.  Maybe a few more years will season her into someone of depth.  We’ll see.


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Sarah Palin, announcing her resignation as Gov...

An exciting choice, but not enough to seal the deal with the American electorate.

No doubt there is already a considerable amount of backroom squabbling concerning the who will carry the “lesser half” of the Republican ticket.

Recently Rubio, Florida’s junior Senator and Barber, the Governor of South Carolina have been mentioned.  It’s not too early for speculation, but speculation is all there is.

There is a lesson to learn about the VP pick that we can take from the last election cycle.  It matters, but not as much as some would like to hope.

When McCain picked Governor Palin from OBSCURITY to be his running mate there was a lot of high emotion!  Her conservative Bona Fides were hoped to be enough to bolster McCains lack of the same.

THEY WEREN”T.  The best part of Palin’s presences was the absolute fits she gave the official left and the left leaning press.  It WAS FUN watching them fall all over themselves to drag her down.  As strong as she was, McCain was just not enough.

So, the VP nominee is not really important.  Look, Clinton got elected with Gore and Bush 1 got elected with Dan Quayle.

Ideology aside, the most important aspect of our nominee will not be his running mate, but his willingness to ENGAGE THE ENEMY in a NO HOLDS BARRED contest for the most powerful office in the history of human kind.  Romney has demonstrated a willingness to destroy opponents on “his own team.”  If he’s our nominee, I believe he’ll be able to level the same intensity at the real enemy, Obama and his radical leftist agenda.


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