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Supreme Court

Concert hall of the "Supremes!"

Many of us are still scratching our heads over Obama‘s remarks to/about the role of the Supreme Court this past Monday.  There have been in our past Presidents who have had contention with the “Justice’s Nine,” however, I don’t think it’s EVER been in question that a primary role of the Supreme Court is to rule on the constitutionality of  legislation.

In fact, the President’s assertion is so ridiculous that one could similarly argue that he has no right to veto legislation passed by a strong congressional majority.

Many have suggested this is Obama’s Chicago thug political style coming through.  Well, I didn’t notice any words or tones that sounded threatening.  In fact, I thought he sounded desperate.

As for me, I have no concerns about the black-robed ones being unduly influenced by ANYONE.  I’m quite sure that each Justice has already made up his or her mind.  A vote has been taken.  There will be some deliberations, but I doubt any of them will change their minds.  They didn’t get to their appointment by being wishy-washy.  At least I wouldn’t think so.

In June we’ll know the verdict.  I doubt there is anyone more anxious about the ruling than the President himself.



The 112th congress opened session yesterday with a reading of the constitution.  Frankly, I’m not really impressed.  It is a symbolic act and I appreciate it as such.  However, the corrupting influences in Washington cannot be over matched by the simple vocalization of our nation’s supreme law.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hold that anyone believes just reading the constitution is a remedy to any of our country’s ills.  There are going to be some very tough battles, the toughest being the battle against the status quo.

Washington is a machine.  It has A LOT of momentum.  The interconnections and intricacies of regulation, legislation and the bureaucracy that keeps it all humming along is MIND BOGGLING.  Further, that bureaucracy is deeply entrenched and deeply committed to ITS OWN SURVIVAL.

We’ll see what happens.


This decade's battle will be The Constitution, a document of maybe 50 or so pages, against the massive bureaucracy of Washington D.C.